Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is it Bad to Keep Hamsters in an Air-Conditoned room?

and a heated room in the winter?
Not at all. Well, it depends on the temperature. Anything under 70 degrees, is too cold for the hamsters. But, you can tear up tissues and leave it for the hamsters to use for warmth. I also would use old clothing, such as socks, to let them crawl in to stay warm.
It's better to have it cold than warm. When it's too warm, some hamsters can lose their fur. It also makes them uncomfortable and less active.
Hope this advice helps!
no just always give them enough bedding because they cuddle in their bedding if they are cold.
If they are in one of those plastic habitrail cage things, no- unless it's like 50 degrees.
If hamster is in an aquarium type set-up it's okay, too.
A cage with wire bars though be careful not to set in drafts or where the a/c hits the cage.
I'd say 70 degrees is best for a hamster. Anything lower I'd watch for sneezing or wet-tail.
Heated room should be okay- again, 70 degrees is about right for a hamster.
I don't think so. It is burning hot (I mean way too hot: over 100 degrees during the day) around here and our whole entire house is air-conditioned. They have done fine over the summer. Since it is not winter yet and I don't remember from last winter, I don't know about a heated room.
no way
don't let the room get too cold or too hot so it won't smuther from the heat or freeze to death from the cold...
yes it can get stonded or die
dont put it too cold in summer and dont keep it hot it can over heats
no just keep them out of direct airflow

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