Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is my hamster dying? She is shaking a lot.?

My hamster today has been shaking a lot. I don't know if it is a breathing/asthma thing. I'm worried if she is dying and what I should do. She is able to get up to eat food still. Mostly she is lying there shaking/convulsing. I thought she might be hot, I put the air con now but she still is shaking. Poor thing, I hope she doesn't suffer too long or I can help her out. Any advise? Thanks!
Lisa take your pet to the vet now.. do not wait small animals can not tolerate much..Good Luck I hope she is ok
it probaly had a seizure so take it to the vet and see what they say.
hope it gets better
does she have clean water to drink and is she drinking.
you can try a vet or just make sure she has everything she needs and keep her cage and bedding clean.
Many hamsters shake when they are nervous or angry. However, shaking is one symptoms of hamster diabetes. Make sure it has plenty of water.
The shakes is a sign of dieing. How old is your hamster and which breed is she? A dwarfs life span is 1-2 years and a Syrians (large breed) is 2-4 yrs. I've seen this several times with my hamsters before they died, but to really be sure take her to the vet and make sure she's not sick instead. A vet can put her down so she won't suffer if it is her time nearing. Any animal can also have seizures. We have a mouse that has had them before, but he's been doing fine for 3 months not and not another seizure so far. A seizure will last for a few seconds to several minutes and then the animals acts fine, though tired. If yours is non-stop then I'm more apt to say it's not a seizure.
My oldest dwarf will be 18 months on Tuesday and 4 of my Syrians are 18 months today. We have 1 that is about 2 yrs and another that is over 3 yrs. All but 1 are males. On the 23 %26 24 of this month we will have 6 more turning 18 months old. All but 2 of the older dwarfs are doing very well. 2 are going to the vet tomorrow along for health related problems with the oldest Syrian, he has a little dry skin (not mange).
Is she cold? Maybe you should go to the Hamster shop and buy some special cotton for her. It works. Or maybe she is just starting to get old. My Hamster died and I buried her near my house. I visit her evey week.
bring her to the vet quick. There is no time to lose.
vet right away.

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