Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is there a way to fix a leaky water bottle for a guinea pig?

other than buy a new one and yes the top is tight. It hags in the cage and has a straight nozzle rather than a slanted on.
thats why, the nozzel is straight. most of the water drips than being stopped by a slanted one why do you think they are slanted.your best bet would bo to buy one sorry. i heard there are really cheap ones out there google it. hope i helped!

is it leaking through the threads?? if so, try some teflon tape.
take the top off go to a lowes hardware store and get a rubber O ring and put it in side the top like you got out side in the hose
where is it leaking. ?
teflon tape can seal the threads,
there are some glues that will seal small cracks in the plastic bottle.
if the ball at the end of the tube leaks, you can try washing it well, run water into the end of the tube to remove any small bits of food that may be stuck there .
no sorry. just try different brands. i have spent proball y between 100 $ in 6 mnths on bottles. dam people can't make a bottle. lol good luck
if it has a ball in the nozzle, you MUST keep the bottle filled to the top at ALL times. the water pressure in a full bottle will keep it from leaking.
i encountered the same problem with the water bottles i use for my bunnies... i bought a new one and read the instructions (for once) and it actually worked!
My gerbils always chewed through their water bottles. We just cut off the top half of a soup can (or what ever fits over the bottle) and made a hole for the nozzle. It seemed to work for us. Check to see that it hasn't been biten through.
yeah. its called tape. if tape dosent work then buy a new 1. if ur broke...tough luck. cy!

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