Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is it possible to get my rabbit to stop kicking her bedding out?

also how do i train her to use a litter box in her cage. and why does she rub me with her chin?
My wife and I have 4 rabbits. We put plexiglass around the cage to keep them from kicking it out. Rabbits will generally go to the bathroom in one spot. Find where that is and put the box there. It helps to put some hay in it. They like to eat while they go. She rubs you with her chin because she likes you. Rabbits have scent glands in the chins to mark their territory. Our's rub their chins on us, their toys and anything else they deem theirs.
umm i dunno but my rabbit kicks all her shavings out on the floor so i have to clean alot...
i dont think it is possible for her to use a litter box but if she rubs you with her chin, that means she is itchy there. she wants you to pet her and love her. and whenever she starts to kick the bedding out, poke her (not hard). she will get the idea if you keep poking her when she does it. and if you poke her and she does not stop, pick her up then set her down again.

Good Luck!
She doesn't like the bedding. A lot of rabbits don't. to train her to use a litter box, put it where she pees. Let her pee in it for a while then move it a little. Continue doing that until she follows her box. To the chin thing, rabbits have a gland under there to mark their scent the things they "own". They mark it on stuff, other rabbits, and ppl. She thinks she "owns" you, because you are her friend
my rabbits live outside and they kick hay everywhere. its probably a common thing and idk how 2 stop it
chin rub- they are marking their territory. they are supposed to have some type of gland on their chin.
litter box training- just take a small sample of some of her droppings and put them into the box so she can get the hint what the litter box is for.
kicking her bedding out-they all do that

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  1. My bunny does that, too! I researched a little and found that a lot of people put a blanket on the floor of the cage instead of bedding. Of course I realize that bedding is also in the litter box but they said to put bedding pellets because they are much heavier. I hope this helps!!!!