Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is it safe to put toilet tissue in a hamsters cage for bedding?

I wouldn't. Hamsters put that stuff in their mouth pouches and it could stick or start to degrade as it's made to when wet. I wouldn't use newspaper either because of the ink chemicals. Better off sticking to alfalfa, straw, or commercially prepared bedding. Now, the toilet tissue tube, they love those to play in and gnaw on.
perfectly safe, as long as it's not scented. but you'll have to change it nigh on daily.
why not. they put newspapers in there.
i dont see why not. but they may eat it and that might not be good for them.
Its not bad but its not that smart.
yes n no. . .yes because iit can absorbe well. . .iif u dont have a cheap kiind lol and no beacuse they could eat iit or sumthiin n iit could harm them
The hamster may make an attempt to eat it so no.
No - it is not safe. Commercial bedding is best all the way around.
yeap but u've to change it often bcoz toilet tissue absorbs water n very smelly if dirty.
I agree with DC No toilet tissue get wet to fast . Stick to the alfalfa bedding , toilet rolls for chewing and playing .
Use paper towels instead.
seriously, those recycled paper beddings are the best. They adsorb both odour and urine very well and I don't have to change the bedding often. I regret using wood shaving for my hamsters. It sucks.
Yes, it is, and they adore it. Just make sure its unscented and unbleached. Rip it up and throw it all over the cage. Your hamster will love collecting it all up and carrying it off to make a bed. He/she will stuff it in their cheeks to carry to their bed but this is perfectly safe. It can not harm hamsters if they accidently digest it, thats why its one of the best things to use.
Yep its absolutely fine %26 your hamster will love it! Just don't use scented paper or paper that has been dyed! Its great because its really absorbent %26 soft! You should also give your hammie some toilet roll tubes! They love to crawl through them %26 chew them up which is really good for them because hamsters need to gnaw on things constantly to keep their teeth at the right length because their teeth never stop growing! Hope this helps x x x x x x x x x x x
no use cat LITTER .
Yes it is perfectly safe! My hamster loves to build her nest out of it and rip it up!! Just as long as it is unscented toilet paper it should be fine!
Well you should use CareFreash bedding but you can use it temporally. And throw in a toilet paper roll my Hamster loves them!!!!!!!
yes but not all the time
no use super shavin's available at petsmart.
Yes, but it will start smelling bad sooner than regular bedding.
Some other good beddings are Aspen shavings, Carefresh, Yesterday's News(the name brand), Feline Pine, and Woody Pet.
Hope that it helpful!


  1. I've just put some in, and my hamster loves to burrow in it! he's pouching some and putting it into his wheel, but he is fine with it now! I've thrown the cardboard roll in too, because he likes them x'DDD
    lots of sawdust, some toilet paper, the roll, some treats buried in the sawdust and fresh food and water will keep him going for days!

  2. Nope. I would definitely not because they might eat it.

  3. all these people who dont know much clearly; it is safe for a Hamster to digest toilet paper stop repeating the same invalid point.

  4. Rip it up and throw it all over the cage. Your hamster will love collecting it all up and carrying it off to make a bed. He/she will stuff it in their ...