Friday, July 31, 2009

Is it true that two teddy bear hamster can't be in one cage?

I'm thinking anout getting two teddy bear hamster, but my friend told me that they would need two different cages. Is this true?
This is true!
Two Syrians, even if they are from the same litter, cannot safely be kept together in the same cage. They are territorial, and will eventually start fighting and could very well kill each other. If you want hamsters that can be kept together your best option is dwarf hamsters(although they can end up fighting too, sometimes).
A lot of people feel like the hamster gets lonely without another hamster to keep it company but this isn't true as hamsters prefer the solitary life, only getting together briefly to mate. I've heard too many stories about hamsters killed by the other because owners didn't know to keep them separate.
There are many resources throughout the net that will tell you not to keep Syrians(teddy bears) together. Good luck on getting a hammy, they are wonderful pets.
EDIT: I should address the issue that there are teddy bear hamsters kept together at pet stores. These are always young hamsters from the same litter. Since they are still immature and aren't expected to be there long, the situation is fine.
You can have as many as you want together. I grew up with them and since they kept reproducing we had up to 21 at a time in two different cages. (btw vaseline will stop the squeaky wheel that will drive you nuts int he middle of the night since they are night owls)
hamsters arent verey social rodents. If they were in the same litter it could go either way
yes, teddybear hamsters are a type of syrians---no two syrians can be kept in the same cage otherwise they WILL kill each other! Have you considered buying gerbils instead? Gerbils are more social animals and they can be kept in cages together.
here's a link to a short care sheet on teddybear hamsters;
including diet, habitat, basic care:
scroll down to the last sentence under the "housing" section,
it says clearly, you may only house ONE hamster per cage after they reach adult hood (adult hood is considered any time after 2 or 3 months old-usually the ones you buy at the pet store are 1 or 2 months old)
also, here is a link on Gerbil care, if you'd prefer a more social animal:
also, you may want to consider adopting a homeless hamster rather than buying from the pet store; there are 420 homeless hamsters as well as 156 gerbils on, these animals on petfinder are beautiful loving creatures whose past owners have not (or will not) take care of, and they could really use a loving home:
Yes, it is true.
Check out this website, they have a lot of different info on hamsters.
Yes. A teddy bear hamster is a Syrian Hamster. Black bear hamsters, teddy bear hamsters, and golden hamsters are all considered to be SYRIAN HAMSTERS. Syrian hamsters are unsocial and they can kill each other if kept together. Dwarf hamsters are different. They are social and would be happy with a buddy (males may fight). PLEASE either get 2 teddys and 2 separate cages, or just one teddy, or just get a pair of dwarf hamsters.
I agree with Cindi B, don't lsiten to the others! They would only need two different cages if one was male and one female because they would mate if in one cage. But more two or more females can be in one cage, provided its big enough for them, and two or more males can be in one cage together too. I've heard that males will fight, but I don't think its true because I have two male teddybear hamsters and they live in one cage and have ever since we got them both 1 year ago, they get along great! I actually think its better to have more than one hamster in a cage because then they will not get lonely, you cannot play with them 24/7! So yes, please get two males or females in one cage, they'll keep each other warm and wheel-run together. It's so cute!
yea, as they are very territorial, and aggressive, and they will fight each other to their death. So it will be better to separete them or else you might have a hard time.
Do remember to feed them plenty of fresh food and water :)
Good Luck :)


  1. two female dwarf hamsters will get along fine or just get one golden/syrian hamster otherwise they might rip eachother apart.

  2. Not true! I have two teddy bear hamsters that are currently sleeping in the same nest, in the same cage, cuddled up next to each other (two males). There is another cage attached which one could climb into if he wanted to be alone, but they choose to be together.

  3. thank u i have 1 teddy bear hamsters but i want too breed them u are helpful

  4. i have 2 teddy hamster male and female to breed.... they are fighting and cuddling at the same time....