Friday, July 31, 2009

Is my guinea pig pregnant or just fat?

I bought 2 guinea pigs just over a month ago as a birthday present for my daughter. The staff told me that they were both girls and didnt mention anything about 1 of them being pregnant. I do not know if she had mated with a male guinea pig whilst being in the shop. What are the pregnancy signs in guinea pigs? The reason I am asking is because I live in Spain and the majority of vets do not cater for small animals. Any help would be great!
It is highly likely that she is pregnant as sows are capable of having babies at just a month or so of age. One of my girls was housed with boys (where I brought her from, she is no longer housed with boys) and I thought that she was pregnant especially when she became fatter, I worked out that she was just looked fatter because she was underweight before!!
This is a list of things that will happen if she is pregnant:
Week 1: No signs
Week 2: Sow may start drinking more
Week 3: Sow will start gaining weight, there will be a tightening of the abdomen muscles.
Week 4: An experienced breeder will be able to feel small foetuses
Week 5: Sow usually looks noticeably pregnant, taking on a rather rounded appearance. You will be able to feel the outlines of the foetuses.
Week 7: You will be able to feel 'quickening' this is when the babies kick
Week 9: It may become difficult for the sow to move around but she should still be active and eat and drink as normal.
The pelvic bones will separate sometime during this week
Week 10: The babies will be born
Do note that if she is pregnant the chances that either the mum or the bubs will have a problem during the pregnancy is high. You should feed her a high vitamin c diet (at least 20mg although 40mg is better) and do not handle her in the later stages of pregnancy. Once they are born she will pretty much look after them her self, at about 3 weeks you will need to remove the males. In the meantime do a lot of research as you will need it.
Is it a female and has it has 'close contact' with a male?
hey don't panic. you don't need to get ultrasounds for guinea pigs. they're fine. and in fact they will breed like crazy.
check out on the Internet for answers. good luck!
my guinea pig was fat n he was a male but u dont no could be preganant
Chances are she is pregnant .If she is pregnant just hold her . You will be able to feel the babies moving around and kicking just like with a human mother . Make sure if she is that the other one is not a male . Males will kill the babies .If it is a female she should be fine . They usually have 2-3 babies . The babies will be born with their eyes open and ready to eat Guinea pig food .
There is a good small animal forum at you might want to check out .
try going to and maybe you can find some answers.
well think of when you were pregnant look for the same signs you had in the guinea pig
its normally to hard to tell
you should take her to the vet or if there is not a vet neer you then get on the phone to an animal specilist or the pet shop where you bought her they should be albe to tell you wether she is pregnant or just fat. also reduce her food and top up her ater then if she does not eat atall then shes problaby pg but if she gets thinner and is still eating and drinking take her to the nearest vet in spain that caters for all animals and still get her checked incase she has lost the baaby or something.

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