Friday, July 31, 2009

Is my guinea pig having a 'period'?

I've just noticed that my female guinea pig has a bit of blood round her bum, does this mean that she's having a guinea pig 'period'?
What can I do about it or should I just leave it?
The above answer could be correct. It could be stone related. However, many many pigs heal fine from surgery to remove stones. You just need to find an experienced vet who knows guinea pigs.
BUT before you freak out too much. It could just be a Urinary Tract Infection which is treatable with guinea pig safe antibiotics. (take this list with you to the vet ) Guinea pigs are so low to the ground that they tend to pick up UTI's occaisonally.
Either way, you need to get to the vet. It is not a period. GP's don't have periods when they are in season.
All females do have periods. You could just wipe it off every couple of days and change the bedding. If it continues for more then 3 to 4 days you should go to the vet to make sure it's not a cut. Actually you should just make sure and go to the vet immediately if you want
i had two female guineas for five years and they don't have a period. i'd take her to the vets.
Female rodents are meant to be perpetually pregnant so they aren't wired to have periods. If she's bleeding, something's wrong. First check to see if she's cut herself but if it looks like it's coming from inside then you need to get her to a vet.
Mu guniea pig had the same problem. Sadly, this is not as easy as her having a period. It is most likely caused from kidney stones. It can be very painful when the guniea pig has a bowel movement. Best thing to do is take her to the vet. They will give her an x-ray to determine if this is the cause. My guniea pig has very large kidney stones, and she was constantly bleeding. We thought about putting her to rest. But, luckily, we were able to give her a special formula. The vet gave it to us. I do not have the name. But, it is a dry mixture of timothy hay crushed up pellets. You then mix this with water and force feed it to the guniea pig. My guniea pig was better after a few days. Anytime she has another outbreak you can just ask the vet for this mixture (it is not reallly a medecine, more of ground up dry foods mixed together.) and give it to her until her symptoms go away. If this does not work you may need to look into surgery. However I don't suggest this because guniea pigs do not take well to anethesia and can die from it.
lol yea its probally a period. i flipped out when that happened to my dog and then my friend told me all female animals have periods. but if it lasts longer than 4 days take her to the vet. hope i helped

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