Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it normal for hamsters to fill their cheeks pouches with food?

Ive had my two female dwarf hamsters for about a month now. I came home from work and found one with its huge cheeks shes totally normal playing and being active, i felt her cheeks and i can feel her food she didnt feel bothered by them. what should i do? is it normal?
Yes, it's normal. Just make sure you don't overfeed them and they'll be fine.
don't worry hamsters do this to store their food for later
This is normal, hamsters store their food in their cheeks till they can find some were to hide it! It does look funny!lol!
Yep, totally normal. That is why they have cheek pouches. They will usually stuff their cheeks, go to their hiding place, then empty them. She may be keeping it in so the other hampster does not get it! Just a guess, though
yeah mine do taht all the time haha at first it really bugged me out i thought they had tumors.
Yes, my hamster, does it all the time.. they do that and then go hide in a spot for later.
totally normal she will hide for later.
yes it is the way the eat and move food and hide it
Yes, that's totally normal, they like to stuff their cheeks to hide food or save it for later. so don't worry about it.
p.s. I have Lot's of experience / hamsters
This is normal behavior for hammies. They've been doing this for millions of years. They take their food in special pouches in their mouths and that's how they've covered great distances easily.
(It's like, "I hate to run and eat...?")
Yes, they started doing this after they watched the movie "The Godfather"! But, the above answers are more technically correct.
Let her be and don't worry, its very normal.. when she finds a place to put it.. she will let it all out.. they are hoarders..
Yes. I used to have hamsters when I was a child. I swear mine could put a cup of sunflower seeds in its mouth. It would do this the second I gave it its food. Then they eat it later. One even used to run on the wheel with it's mouth full and cheeks hanging off the sides.
I use to have hamsters all the time when i was younger, it is funny seeing them like that but it's also normal. They have like pockets in there cheeks to store food for later plus they sometime fill up with bedding supplies, so don't worry just enjoy your pets.
yes it is it is their way of stashing their food away some will actually hide the food in their bedding to prevent cage mates from eating it
oh yes, they like to store food that way. just think of them as little bears!
This is very normal and hamsters do it on a daily basis.
It originates back to when they lived in the wild. Hamsters would travel up to 8 miles a night in search for food to bring back to their nests. So they would store it in their cheeks to carry back.
hamsters are natural horders too. They will take food from your hand and sometimes store it in their cheek pouches to carry back into their cage and into the corner where they store it all. This tends to be in, or near their beds.
Its perfectly normal. The ampount of food they fit into their cheeks is amazing, so dont be alarmed if your hamsters cheeks are twice the size of their bodied!
yes normal. my hamsters do that
yes they are just storing food for later, mine do the same thing and they stuff shavings in their cheeks too to move them
yes its normal hampster may hold there food in there mouth for hours they might even sleep with it in there cheeks still...also they will hold wood bedding in the cheek so dont worry bout it .
hammys are hoarders so that is totaly normal
This is normal behavior for hamsters.Hamsters always store food in their cheek pouches so they can find a place to hide them.Then they can eat the food that they hid when they're hungry.So there's nothing to worry about.
yes they hoard it and hide it, a trait from when they lived in the wild.
Yes it is. They fill their pouches above their cheeks with food because they want to eat it later. It's perfectly normal for them to play while the food is in their cheeks.

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