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Is it ok for rats?

Is it ok for rats to eat cashews, strawberry's whole oats, dried pineapple, and potatoes?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes :)
Cashews (roasted and unsalted) and other nuts are high is calories so use them as an occasional treat.
Strawberries are a good fruit for rats and full of Vitamin C
Whole oats are part of a rat's staple diet.
Dried Pineapple, while nutritious, is loaded with natural sugars so use only as the occasional treat.
Potatoes, boiled or baked, yes, but never mashed. Mashed potatoes pose a choking hazard for rats.
Rats are very easy to feed. They are omnivours like us and thrive on meat, grains, fruits, vegetables, and the occasional treats.
From the website:
"However, too little protein (probably less than around 8%) or a completely vegetarian diet may lead to a deficiency in the essential amino acids, which are so necessary for the health and repair of body tissues".
The most popular staple diets for rats:
And variations thereof.
Even chocolate, as the occasional treat, is safe for rats
How do rats choose what to eat?
Foods to avoid:
*Blue cheese - The mold in it is toxic to rats.
*Licorice - Is suspected to cause neurological poisoning in a rat.
*Raw sweet potato - Contains compounds that form cyanide in the stomach.
*Raw dry beans or peanuts - Contains antinutrients that destroy Vitamin A and enzymes needed to digest protein and starches, and causes the red blood cells to clump.
*Raw red cabbage and brussel sprout - Contains antinutrient that destroys thiamin.
*Raw artichokes - Inhibits protein digestion.
Green bananas - Inhibits starch digestion enzymes.
*Green potato skin and eyes - Contain solanine, a toxin.
*Wild insects - Can carry internal parasites and diseases, not worth taking chances.
*Rhubarb - Contains high levels of oxalates.
*Raw bulk tofu - The bulk unpackaged kind contain bacteria. The packaged raw tofu is safe.
*Peanut butter - Has been known to choke a rat. It is very thick and can get caught in your rats throat. Stay away from it just to be on the safe side.
"my life has gone to the rats"
Yes. I have 3 rats and I feed them similar snacks. They love whole grain cheerios, bread, fresh spinach, carrots, fresh green beans and of course cheese. They can have pretty much anything, just be careful with sugars and fats. They can gain weight pretty fast. I have heard of people feeding them meats, but I don't do that. My girls are vegetarians ;)
Whole oats are great for fiber.Strawberry's are ok. Cashews are good, but they are fattening for rat. Dried pineapple is ok. Potatoes are not reccomended.
Rats can eat almost anything, as long as you remember that MODERATION is the key to a good healthy diet. Yes, they can eat cashews, as long as it's given as a special treat and not used as a regular part of their diet. Fruits, like strawberries are fine, but don't give them too much or they might get diarrhea. Grains are good as well. Dried fruits are good, as long as you remember moderation. :) Potatos are high in starch and aren't really the best thing to be feeding your rats, but if they are on a good healthy diet already and you are only giving them a tiny treat occassionally, it should be okay. My rats don't like potatos at all, so I don't feed them that.
Good luck
they cant really eat cashews. it might taste nice to them but 1 bag contains 1000 calories and 1 cashew is really fatty to them. i dont think you can give them potatoes, well at least not skins or tops. im not so sure about whole oats but i think pineapple is ok. good luck x x x
Strawberry's are good, I'm sure all the other things will be OK, as long as the cashews aren't salted. Rats can eat most things, the only thing that I know of that they should NOT eat is spinach.

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